Hello! My name is Reagan and I have been working in the Digital Marketing and Content creation field for many years. I have an associates degree in Marketing from the Ohio State University and my Bachelors in Digital marketing from Cleveland State University. I have ran many successful marketing campaigns and have worked with teams to develop a successful creative and marketing strategy. I have both google and Facebook creative marketing certification. I have used many marketing tools such as: Hootsuite, Croudfire, Facebook Ads, and many more. During my time I have also worked on many creative projects. Some of these include: designing and deploying new websites, designing new packaging for products and developing and producing a television show. I am well versed in photoshop and many video editing programs. Overall I have a lot of experience in all aspects of Digital Marketing and Content creation. You can see some examples of my work below.
Case Study: Rhino 180 Hunting Blind - Sales Increase of 30%

Case Study: Rhino 180 Hunting Blind - Sales Increase of 30%
This marketing campaign for the Rhino 180 hunting blind exemplifies my ability to generate targeted campaigns and achieve impressive results. The product had a niche audience, so I started by crafting stripped-down A/B test ads to pinpoint the ideal demographic. This laser focus ensured our message reached the right hunters, maximizing impact.
By creating compelling photos and descriptions specifically tailored to this audience, I ignited interest and drove sales. The campaign's success went beyond sales figures – it even landed the Rhino 180 on the coveted Reddit front page, further boosting brand trust and recognition. 
This project demonstrates my ability to:
Target Niche Audiences: Utilize A/B testing for precise targeting.
Craft Compelling Content: Develop audience-specific photos and descriptions.
Drive Results: Increase sales and brand awareness.

Case Study: Ashland University Giving Day - Exceeding Goals by 118%

During my time at Vinyl Marketing, I played a key role in a highly successful campaign for Ashland University's Giving Day. Our objective was to significantly increase contributions.  Leveraging my digital marketing expertise, I crafted a multi-faceted strategy that resonated deeply with alumni and supporters.
The campaign resulted in a phenomenal outcome, exceeding the Giving Day goal by a staggering 118%!  This success can be attributed to several key strategies:
Engaging Content: I developed captivating content across various platforms (social media, email) that showcased the impact of donations and highlighted compelling student stories.
Strategic Targeting: By utilizing targeted advertising and outreach efforts, we ensured the campaign reached the most relevant audience segments, maximizing impact.
Community Building: Through interactive elements and a focus on alumni pride, we fostered a strong sense of community, encouraging participation and giving.

This case study demonstrates my ability to:
Develop Engaging Content: Craft compelling stories and messaging.
Implement Strategic Targeting: Reach the right audience with the right message.
Drive Results: Exceed campaign goals and create a lasting impact.
Case Study: Progressive Health - Patient Growth of 25% Through Social Ads 

Case Study: Progressive Health - Patient Growth of 25% Through Social Ads
While at Town Money Saver, I spearheaded a social media advertising campaign for Progressive Health, a local doctor's office. The goal was to attract new patients and expand their customer base.  By leveraging my expertise in social media marketing, I crafted a targeted campaign that effectively reached their ideal patient demographic.
The campaign proved highly successful, resulting in a significant 25% increase in new patients for Progressive Health.  Here's a breakdown of the key strategies that contributed to this achievement:
Audience Targeting: I conducted in-depth research to pinpoint Progressive Health's ideal patient base. This allowed for precise targeting through social media advertising platforms.
Compelling Content: I developed engaging content (images, videos, posts) that highlighted the benefits of Progressive Health's services and addressed patient concerns.
Call to Action: The campaign incorporated clear calls to action, encouraging viewers to schedule appointments or learn more about the practice.

This case study demonstrates my ability to:
Develop Targeted Social Media Ads: Reach the right audience with the right message.
Craft Engaging Content: Create informative and persuasive messaging for healthcare services.
Drive Patient Growth: Increase customer base and achieve marketing objectives for medical practices.
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