Hello! My name is Reagan and I have been working in the Digital Marketing and Content creation field for many years. I have an associates degree in Marketing from the Ohio State University and my Bachelors in Digital marketing from Cleveland State University. I have ran many successful marketing campaigns and have worked with teams to develop a successful creative and marketing strategy. I have both google and Facebook creative marketing certification. I have used many marketing tools such as: Hootsuite, Croudfire, Facebook Ads, and many more. During my time I have also worked on many creative projects. Some of these include: designing and deploying new websites, designing new packaging for products and developing and producing a television show. I am well versed in photoshop and many video editing programs. Overall I have a lot of experience in all aspects of Digital Marketing and Content creation. You can see some examples of my work below.
Rhino 180 Campaign:

One of my most successful campaigns was for a hunting blind called the Rhino 180. I was able to create a campaign that targeted our specific hunting demographic and allowed us to increase sales by over 30%. In order for us to do this I first ran some A/B tests of a few striped down Ads. This was to allow me to really narrow down our target demographic and only advertise to them. This product had a very small window of people who would actually purchase it and I needed to create a campaign that would showcase the product to them. I created photos and descriptions that catered to that demographic. The campaign took off and the product was even shown on the front page of reddit. This campaign led to many sales and helped increase the brand trust of consumers.

Rhino Blinds Website: 

During my time at OPI we needed to create a new website for one of our brands. I got to work creating a website that showed off our products, created brand trust, and drove sales. The website shows off the products and testimonials in a clean and efficient way to help customers who entered the site to finish their purchase. You can see the website here: https://rhinoblinds.com/
The Outdoor Option. 

The team at OPI wanted to create a way to show off their products in a fun and hands on manner. This led to the creation of The Outdoor Option. I worked on this show, helping to produce, film, edit and distribute. This show led to many sales and helped increase trust in the brand. You can see an example of the show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCrvS8okkGw
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